Adult Items - Items for adults only, must be 18 or over to purchase. Pranks like Amazing Penis Sucker, Blow Job Bib, Customizable Urinal Cake Kit and Dashboard Pole Dancer.
Bacon and Pigs - Like bacon? Check out all of this bacon and pigs stuff. Pranks like 2013 Bacon Calendar, Animalz Balloon Kit - Set of 6, Bacon Beans - Bacon Flavored Jelly Beans, Bacon Body Wash, Bacon Dental Floss, Bacon Flavored Mints, Bacon Flavored Toothpicks, Bacon Frosting, Bacon Gift Bag and Bacon Gravy Mix.
Bathroom Pranks - Funny bathroom pranks to pull in a private or public restroom. Pranks like 1040 Toilet Paper, 50 Shades of Brown Lavatory Mist, Ass/Face Sponge, Baby Devil Duckies, Bacon Lip Balm, Bacon Scented Soap, Bacon Soap, Banana Massager, Betty Boop Lip Balm and Betty Crocker Lip Balm: Caramel Frosting.
Best Sellers - Our best selling pranks, gags and funny stuff. Pranks like 2011 Monthly Doos: Dog Poop Calendar!, Barf Box of Mystery Gifts, Butt / Face Soap, Countdown to Your Divorce, Death Star Ice Mold 6 Pack, Hot Guys and Baby Animals 2011 Calendar, Mystery Geek Gift Box, Obama's Last Day Countdown Clock and Self- Stirring Mug.
Birthday Pranks - Pranks you can give for a Birthday Pranks like Birthday Blockers Meds, Birthday Boy! Mints, Birthday Cake Hat, Birthday Girl! Mints, Countdown Timer My Birthday, Emergency Birthday Candle, Endless Singing Birthday Card, Finally 21! Birthday Sash, Flashing 18th Birthday Wand and Happy Barfday! Birthday Cup.
Candy Pranks - Nasty prank candy that tastes like poo or really hot! Pranks like 6-Pack Soda CANdy, Angry Gorilla Candy, Atari Joystick Candy, Autumn Dots: Candy Corn & Bats, Awake The Dead - Zombie Energy Drink, Baby Diaper CaCa Candy, Bacon Candy, Bacon Candy Canes, Bacon Candy Necklace and Bah Humbug Candy Cane.
Car Pranks - Pranks for your car or playing a prank on someone else's car. Pranks like 8 Ball Keychain, Aggravation Keychain, Casket Ashtray Keychain, Catchable Bubbles Key Chain, G.I. Joe Keychains, Guitar Bottle Opener Keychain, Laughing Horse Keychain and Rock 'em Sock 'em Robot Keychain.
Cats and Kittens - Gags related to cute kittens and cats. Pranks like 11" Grumpy Cat Plush Toy, 16" Grumpy Cat Pillow, 8" Grumpy Cat Plush Toy, Breakfast at Tiffany's Cat Bookmark, Cat Food Scented Soap, Catwoman Cat Vinyl Car Decal, Cozy Cat Coasters, Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure, Crazy Cat Lady Bandages and Crazy Cat Lady Candy.
Christmas Pranks - Christmas pranks, gifts and gags for the holiday season. Pranks like "X" Rated Christmas Shot Glasses, 2015 Awkward Family Photos Day-to-Day Calendar, 8 Bit Tattoos, A Christmas Story Bandages, A Christmas Story, Leg Lamp Ice Cube Tray, A Christmas Story: Leg lamp Molded Glass, A Christmas Story: Leg Lamp Tie, A Christmas Story: Ralphie Head Knocker, A Christmas Story: Ralphie Molded Goblet and A Christmas Story: The Party Game.
Classic Pranks - The classic pranks like whoopie cuoshons and hand zappers. Pranks like "Beer Sold To Miners" Lighted Drinking Helmet, Blue, "Boob" Beer Pong Balls, "How Was Your Day?" Wine Glass, #2 Dad of the Year Prize Ribbon, .50 Calibur Bullet Stylus, 2 Way Squirt Camera, 2011 Already Sucks! Button, 2016 Fat Cats Calendar, 2017 Fat Cats Calendar and 3D Wallet- Macaroachy & Cheese.
Clothing & Accessories - Funny sayings on tshirts and other thing. Pranks like "Even Your Pokerface is Ugly" Keychain, "It's Going To Be Legendary" Shirt - How I Met Your Mother, 2012 Already Sucks! Button, 33" Grumpy Cat Apron "Awful", 60's Mens Wig- Brown, 8 Bit Glasses, Black, Silver Lenses, 8 Bit Glasses, White, 8-Bit Pixel Bowtie, 8-Bit Pixel Glasses: Blue and 8-Bit Pixel Glasses: Red.
Coffee Mugs - Funny and unique coffee mugs make great gifts. Pranks like "Coffee! Sleep When You're Dead" Mug, "Like" Coffee Mug, A Christmas Story: Ceramic Travel Mug with Lid, A Christmas Story: Leg Lamp Mug, A Christmas Story: Mug Set, Alien Mug, Ammo Travel Mug, Amp Mug, Anchorman News 4 Mug and Anchorman Ron Burgundy Mug.
Drinking Fun - Fun drinking items. Want to get drunk, check out these fun items. Pranks like 6-Pack Beer Belt, Breathalyzer Keychain, Santa Claus Liquor Dispenser, The Irish Drinking Glove and Two Bottle Beer Bong.
Farting Pranks - Prank and gag items that fart or smell or have something to do with farting. Pranks like BraveFart Lavatory Mist, Elf Farting Butt Pillow, Fart Alarm Button, Fart Attack Meds, Fart Candies, Fart Horn, Fart Lollipop Prank, Fart Powder Prank, Fart Slippers Farting Footwear and Fart Stoppers Prank.
Fun Books - Books that you would read, could read and probably won't read. Pranks like How to Confuse the Idiots in Your Life Book and The Joys of Being Broke Book.
Games and Toys - All sort of fun games and toys for the kid at heart. Pranks like 12 inch Grabbit Grabber, 3D Cheese Puzzle, 3D Food Puzzle, 50 Glorious Revenge Cards, A Chistmas Story: Leg Lamp Head Knocker, Adventure Time Monopoly Game, Adventure Time: Finn's 30" Sword with Lights and Sound Effects, Adventure Time: Pull String, Plush Finn Doll, Air Hockey Salt & Pepper Shakers and Anchorman Ron Burgundy Bust Statue.
Geek Stuff - Technology geek items for you iDorks. Pranks like Big Bang Theory Ornaments (4 pack), Big Bang Theory: Soft Kitty T-Shirt, Junior, DC Comics Classic Covers Glass Set, DC Comics Glass Set, Doctor Who: Die Cast Dalek Keychain, Electronic Yodelling Pickle, Iron Man Comics Bust Bank, Iron Shaped Alarm Clock Radio - Teal, Lego Star Wars Pens and My Own Flesh Eating Plant.
Golf Pranks - Golf prank items like pop-a-putt, smashed golf window and more. Pranks like Golf Ball Life Vest and Oh Tiger! Golf Hat.
Halloween Costumes - Awesome costumes for Halloween or any other occasion. Pranks like 1st Place MILF Costume, Adventure Time: Finn Sword with Mask, Adventure Time: Jake Sword with Mask, Aloha Gorilla Costume, Ax Head Hat, Baby Costume Kit for Adults, Bald Eagle Mask, Banana Costume (Size Adult), Basset Hound Mask and Beer Can Costume.
Halloween Stuff - Costume, gag gifts and other funny Halloween stuff. Pranks like "Greetings" Gum, 5 - Sound Creepy Voice Disguiser, Anakin's Light Saber Flashlight, Ax Head, Baby Banana Costume, Bacon and Eggs Costume Set, Banana Slug Sucker, Bat Shaped Pegs, Blacklight Nail Polish and BoneChillers Skull and Bones Ice Cube Tray.
Home Stuff - Fun things for your home, inside or outside, these things will be a great addition to any home. Pranks like Batman Logo Car Sticker, Solid White, Bird Foot Back Scratcher, Canon 50mm Lens Pillow, Cat Scratch DJ Booth, Clark Kent Vinyl Car Decal, Dart Coat Hooks, Doctor Who: Lights & Sounds Cushion, Tardis, Doctor Who:Tardis Taking Flight Car Magnet, Electric Outlet Band-Aids and Justice League Car Decal: Cyborg.
Kitchen Fun - Fun stuff for your kitchen or for camping. Pranks like "Beer Sold To Miners" Lighted Drinking Helmet, Yellow, 12 Gauge Cartridge Shot Glasses, 1-Up Cake Molds, ABC Cookie Cutters, Animal Butt Magnets, Animal Skateboarder Magnets, Assault and Battery Salt and Pepper Shakers, Back to School Countdown Clock, Bacon Air Freshener and Bacon Dashboard Dancer.
Military - Military fun gags and goofy items for our service men and women. Pranks like AK Bullet Ice Tray, Bomb Shot Glasses, GI Army Men Magnets, Gummy Army Guys, Gun Shot Glasses, Kaboom Bomb Candles, Miss Army Knife, Sniper Bites, The Army Man Collection and Tommy Gun Egg Fryer.
Odd Oddities - Odd and strange things that we found over the years. Pranks like Crustache Crust Cutter, Glow in the Dark Zombie Finger Puppets, Green 60" Super 'Stache, Hipster Mustache, I Heart Zombies T-Shirt, Inflatable Unicorn Head, Inflatable Unicorn Horn, Jumbo Handlebar Mustache, Keep Calm Kill Zombies Hoodie and Keep Calm, Kill Zombies T-Shirt.
Office Pranks - Pranks to play at work or at the office, even pranks to play on your boss Pranks like 100 Reasons to Panic About Getting Married Book, 2013 Fat Cats Calendar, 2014 Duck Commander Day to Day Calendar, 2014 Fat Cats Calendar, 2014 People of Walmart Boxed Calendar, 2015 Fat Cats Calendar, 2016 Dear Human Wall Calendar, 2017 People of Walmart Boxed Calendar, 30" Grumpy Cat Doormat "I Have" and 3D Drawing Pad.
Political Gags - Political pranks and gags for right wing or left wing nuts. Pranks like 2015 Obama, Out of Office Calendar, 2016 Obama, Out of Office Calendar, Abe Lincoln's Log Lavatory Mist, Air Freshener, Abraham Lincoln Bandages, Barack Obama Bobble Head Doll, Barack Obama Mix N' Match Dress up Kit, Barack Obama Pocket Watch, Barack Obama Prank Gift Pack, Barack Obama Wrist Watch and Barak Obama Mask.
Pop Culture - Items that are currently in Pop Culture. Pranks like A Christmas Story Apron, A Christmas Story, Ralphie Pint Glasses (Set of 4), A Christmas Story: Old Man Head Knocker, Adventure Time: Finn's Deluxe Hat, Alice In Wonderland POP! Vinyl Figure, Animal POP! Vinyl Figure, Ariel POP! Vinyl Figure, Avengers 2- Age of Ultron Magnet, Avengers Logo Key Ring and Baloo POP! Vinyl Figure.
Random Items - Just Random Items from across our site, pranks gags and other silly things. Pranks like ** Dolphin Laser Pointer Keychain **, 101 Jewish Jokes Book, 2 Beer Bong, 20 Sided Sucker, 2010 Already Sucks, 2012 doomsday Calendar, 2012 Hot Guys & Baby Animals Calendar, 2013 Hot Guys and Baby Animals Calendar, 2014 Awkward Family Photos Calendar and 2014 Hot Guys and Baby Animals Calendar.
Redneck - Redneck stuff for the redneck in all of us! Pranks like Christmas Story: 20" Leg Lamp Replica, Dashboard Dancers Gone Fishin, Fish Head Ornament, Fish Stix Party Picks, Instant Redneck Button, Moose Antlers Headband, Redneck Beer Glass, Redneck Bottle Koozie Female, Redneck Bottle Koozie Male and Redneck Giant Cigar.
Religious Fun - Religion enspired jokes and pranks. Pranks like Bendable Jesus Toy, Dashboard Jesus, God Created Bacon T-Shirt, Jeez-Its Sticky Notes, Jesus Adhesive Bandages, Jesus Is Coming, Breathe Easy Mints, Jesus Light Keychain, Jesus: He's the Real Thing T-Shirt, Last Supper Paper Placements and Matzah Toilet Seat Cover.
Senior Gags - Funny pranks for the older folks in your life. Pranks like Arouzer Pill Squeeze Ball and Inflatable Walker.
Spy Stuff - Spy cameras, cool hidden recorders, detectors and other neat spy stuff. Pranks like Spy Eye Viewer.
St. Patrick's Day - St. Patrick's Day pranks and fun Pranks like St. Patrick's Day Fortune Cookies (50 pack), St. Patrick's Day Jumbo Tie and St. Patrick's Day Kilt.
Stupid Gifts - Stupid Gifts you can give for birthdays or Christmas Pranks like $100 Bill Wallet, 10" Grumpy Cat Window Cling, 100 Reasons to Panic About Having a Baby Book, 3D Wallets, 40 Year Old, Anti-Aging Mints, 8 Bit Pixel Mustache Set, 8" Laying Grumpy Cat with Santa Hat, A Christmas Story, Leg Lamp Stocking, A Christmas Story: Leg Lamp Night Light and Animal Whoopee Cushions.
Valentine's Day - Get your sweetheart something funny for Valentine's Day. Pranks like Anti-Valentine's Day Pi_ata, Army Guy Valentines (12 pack), Disney Valentine Pez Pack, Kissing Valentine Pens, Sweetheart Valentines Kit, Valentine Dots Candy, Valentine Fortune Cookies, Chocolate Dipped, Valentine Scented Pens, Valentine Smell-O-Grams and Valentine's Day Pez.